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With the all-electric ID.4 now here at Volkswagen St. John's, see how we have been preparing for the highly anticipated arrival. The all-electric ID.4 may be a new vehicle to us here at Volkswagen St. John's, but getting this new electric vehicle to Newfoundland has been in the works for quite some time. If you would like more information on the 2023 ID.4 -- click the link below, call 709-726-4424, or drop by our showroom on Kelsey Drive.

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Our Dealership

2023 might be the first year for the fully electric ID.4 here in Newfoundland, but the journey for getting this new electric vehicle has been in the making for quite some time. It started with the opening of our beautiful new dealership at 90 Kelsey Drive in 2019. This brought a bright and spacious showroom, multiple electric vehicle charging stations, a new service drive-thru, more ramps in our service department, and infrastructure needed to support electric vehicles.

We have a professional team of sales staff, service advisors, and technicians that are driven to give you an enjoyable customer experience and help you in your journey for an electric vehicle. Visit us at our showroom at 90 Kelsey Drive and see for yourself how we are electric vehicle ready and order your 2023 ID.4!


id4 built for canada 1

Built for Canada
The ID.4 features an available heat pump to help preserve range. Its heated front seats, heated mirrors, heated steering wheel and heated windshield will ensure a safe and comfortable drive. So if you think this German-engineered electric vehicle can't handle the Canadian cold, think again.


With a range of up to 422 km for RWD and up to 394 km for AWD,* the ID.4 gives you enough distance to go from St. John's to Gander or even St. John's to Clarenville and back!

id4 awd 2

Available AWD
Whether you're cruising around or roughing it a bit, the ID.4 with available All-Wheel Drive can handle it all. It also features a second electric motor at the front wheels to intelligently distribute additional power when and where it's needed most.

 electrify  canada
With the arrival of the fully electric ID.4 here in Newfoundland, stay charged up as you road trip across our beautiful province! Drive with peace of mind with fast chargers located every 70 kilometres across the island on the Trans Canada Highway, and more to come!

An Extraordinary Electric Vehicle

id4 extraordinary ev award

Take a victory lap
The future of safety has arrived. The innovative thinking that shaped every detail of the ID.4, also just made it a 2022 IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK, a highly prestigious award that represents the most rigorous safety testing in the industry.

id4 styling

Future Forward
There are five new available packages for the 2023 ID.4 . With a suite of impressive, visually unparalleled features, take your ID.4 up another notch with a look that will turn heads.

 m e b 1

Intelligent design
The MEB platform is the modular foundation on which all our electric vehicles are built--with an emphasis on maximizing space, range, comfort, and convenience. The result is a longer wheelbase, shorter overhangs, and a roomier, more functional cabin.

id4 cargo space
Room to spare
With fully foldable rear seats and the convenience of a crossover, the ID.4 can more than hold its own. From family ski trips, to camping adventures, to early morning hockey practices, the 1,818L of available cargo space can take it all on.

Electric Vehicle Performance

id4 instant torque

Instant Torque
It's a fully electric vehicle and full of that iconic Volkswagen feeling. You'll definitely feel it the second you hit the pedal of your ID.4. While the acceleration is much quieter than a combustion engine, we can't promise you won't break the silence with a few oohs and aahs. Especially as you experience going from zero to 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds* with available AWD.

id4 battery

At the heart of the ID.4 is an 82-kWh lithium-ion battery that has a maximum charging rate of 11 kW AC or 135 kW with a DC charger. In other words, that means this battery's got impressive power and can charge up fast.

id4 charging

On the road, you can charge 10% to 80% in an estimated 36 minutes. That means a 10-minute charge can add almost 100 km of range on a DC fast-charger. While at home, it can take as little as 7.5 hours to reach full charge on a level 2 residential charger, plug in your ID.4 at bedtime, wake up ready to go in the morning. Range anxiety just doesn't apply to the ID.4.


The electric-powered ID.4 comes with some serious towing power. With a towing capacity of 2,700 lbs for AWD (braked), feel confident it'll pull what you need it to. Did we mention that when you get All-Wheel Drive in your ID.4, you'll get a standard hitch mount for towing as well? Another reason the ID.4 was built to tow.

id4 awd

All-Wheel Drive
As one of the first affordable, all-electric SUVs with available All-Wheel Drive, the ID.4 was made to break new ground. A second electric motor added to its front gives you that extra bit of kick* and traction that'll show any terrain that electric is the new king.

id4 rear wheel drive

Rear-Wheel Drive
With the ID.4, VW has returned to its roots with an electric motor at the rear of the vehicle, just like the original Beetle. With power now being directed to the rear, that leaves the front wheels dedicated to steering giving you the perfect combination of confidence and traction.


12918  howthe volkswagen i d 4communicateswithlight

ID. Light
Inside the ID.4, you'll find an intuitive light bar that runs across the dashboard, which we call the ID. Light. It uses glowing visual cues to telegraph incoming calls, brake warnings, charge status, and more. Think of the ID. Light as the way your ID.4 communicates with you.

id4 nav

Touchscreen navigation system
Your central hub for your drive. This voice-controlled, standard 10" touchscreen is equipped with smart features like interactive navigation, gesture and voice controls and more--so you can get where you're going, and stay comfortable along the way. And for the truly bold ID.4 driver, the Statement Package comes equipped with a 12" touchscreen.

id4 intuitive start

Intuitive Start
With Intuitive Start, starting your vehicle doesn't even require the touch of a button. Your vehicle will sense your presence and "wake up" automatically as soon as you touch the handle, as long as you're carrying your key fob. Meaning your car is always just a touch away from being ready for the road.

 wireless  connectivity 1

Wireless Connectivity
Say goodbye to tangled cords with wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android AutoTM and wireless charging--coming standard with every ID.4. Whether you need to charge your phone or connect music to your car, you can do it seamlessly with wireless connectivity.

 safety  comes  standard 1

Travel Assist
Welcome to an easier commute. Standard Travel Assist is an advanced system that combines multiple features like Lane Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control to help drivers keep their vehicle centered at a constant speed throughout a pre-set following distance. It also automatically makes adjustments based on surrounding traffic flow and speed limits. But don't forget, drivers must keep their hands on the steering wheel at all times for the feature to operate.

id4 regenerative braking

Regenerative Braking
As the ID.4 uses power, it has an innovative way to transform energy to maximize efficiency. Almost every time you brake or take your foot off the pedal, the ID.4 stores up kinetic energy for later--allowing the battery to charge regeneratively and making for a more efficient driving experience.

IQ. Drive

lane assist tech

Lane Assist
Like a friendly co-driver, the Lane Assist system is designed to gently steer you back into your lane if it senses you're starting to drift without using the turn signal.

front assist techs

Front Assist
Stop accidents in their tracks. If the vehicle senses an impending collision with a pedestrian, or another vehicle, Front Assist will warn the driver with an audible tone. Plus, post-collision braking is designed to automatically tighten seat belts and trigger emergency braking to help prevent further accidents from happening.

adaptive cruise control tech

Adaptive Cruise Control
Perfect for out-of-town adventures, Adaptive Cruise Control lets you set your ideal speed and following distance, and is designed to slow down‡ or speed up automatically depending on the traffic in front of you.

emergency assist tech 1

Emergency Assist
Under certain conditions, Emergency Assist can determine if a driver is no longer able to operate their vehicle by monitoring steering wheel activity and, after numerous alerts, is designed to bring the vehicle to a controlled stop if the driver is non-responsive.

side assist tech 1

Side Assist
Side Assist (Blind Spot Monitor) is a feature that can sense what you might miss. If you attempt to change lanes, Side Assist (Blind Spot Monitor) is designed to help alert you to other cars that are detected in your blind spot. The Side Assist (Blind Spot Monitor) is designed to also counter-steer within the limits of Lane Assist, to help keep you in your lane if you attempt to change lanes when a vehicle is in your blind spot.

rear traffic alert technology 1

Rear Traffic Alert
Rear Traffic Alert comes in handy when you're backing up. It has sensors that can alert you to detected vehicles crossing in your path when in reverse, and can even help brake the vehicle under certain conditions.

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